Saturday Men’s Club Selected

1pm – 4:30pm

Bookings close at 10am

Dress Code – Bowls Attire

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Bowlers List for 30th October

Saturday Men's Club Selected

NamePreferred Playing Position
Ken ScanlanAny
Stevens, Primmer, Sharp vs Colburn, Whitburn, Curry TRIPLESAny
Gordon, Smith, Taylor vs Holdstock, Barrable, Kean TRIPLESAny
Jardim, Green, Churton vs Crawford, Thurgood, Conkie TRIPLESAny
Alan Quartermaine (2nd half) with L. ReathLead
Lindsay Reath (1st half) with A. QuartermaineLead
Ashton Kelly Blake v Skerry Mitchell Kydd TriplesAny