Friday 26th November

Mufti Triples

Qld vs The Rest

1pm Start

To enter place your name on the list with your length of residency in Qld

State of Origin Bowls

NameYears of Residence in QldPreferred Playing Position
To Qualify for Queensland45Any
Tony Tidey is cancelled41Lead
Meg Elliott Please Cancel100000Any
Con McCosker78Any
Eric Bottle ( can play skip if you're stuck)62Second
Magnus Gislason8Any
Judy Peard70Any
Athol o' Neil14Any
Tony Tidey41Lead
Errol Gomes45Second
Bernie McLean26Lead
Meg Elliott50Second
Monica Muir et Frank Rynne (sharing)50Lead
Ute Fialla4Second
Dieter Fialla4Second
Jude Blowers50Lead
Marjory Hallinan24Lead
Alva Ogden41Any
Valda Barrable70Any
Brian Barrable60Any
Ken Scanlan82Any
David Muir24Any
Jenny Holt4Any
Ian Brown45Second
Robyn Brown45Second
Eric Bottle ( can play skip if you're stuck)63Second
Stan Green86Second
Ian Conkie19Skip
Bruce Thurgood13Any