Come and play in our Mixed Charity Day

Tuesday 10 November 2020

1pm – 4:30pm

Raffles for charity!

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Entries for the Mixed Charity Day

Mixed Charity Day

NameMembership NumberPreferred Playing Position
Judy Peard84Second
Sandy King12Skip
Dorothy Culbert67Second
Pam Chugg55Second
Jan Hagan41Any
Max Hagan79Skip
Jenny Holt47Any
Sandy Bolden29Lead
Brian Sarjeant109Skip
Anna Murchie92Skip
Jillian Tiernan103Lead
Brenda Padersen4Lead
Glenice Boyden77Lead
Marlies van Riet62Any
Ian Conkie31Skip
Alva Ogden60Any
Ian Conkie please cancel entry31Skip
Brian Barrable43Any
Lizette Carroll16Lead
Kay Webber - Second46Second
Jill McNeil35Skip
Jo Foster19Skip
Robyn Brown66Lead
Ian Brown3Second
valerie lester39Lead
valerie lester39Lead
Lorna Cowan33Second
JO Foster19Lead
JO Foster19Lead
JO Foster19Lead
Di Austin36Second
B Hartley93Any
Gayle Macready58Second
Jean Rynne93Any
Kay Ryan85Second
Carolyn Cardenti165Second
Marie Milner83Lead
Pam jones34Any
Errol WEBBER151Skip
Pam Chugg please cancel55Second
Alain Menanteau237Any
Pam Chugg please cancel my entry55Second
Karin Kaltenbrunn81Skip
Karin Kaltenbrunn81Skip
Bruce Thurgood144Any
Marilyn Endacott40Any
Carol McAree No. 2727Any
Aila Roppola101Second
Lorna Cowan33Second
Lorna Cowan33Second
Lorna Cowan33Second
Danielle MORROW96Lead
Elizabeth Schroder14Second
B Hartley91Any