Booking Instructions

Full Members Only.    Only 2 Bowlers per rink.    There are 4 Rinks available per time slot.

Prior to booking please read the Terms & Conditions  (Important Information Click Here)

  1.   Select a Rink from the drop down menu below “Roll Up Bookings”
  2.   When choosing a rink number if a red date appears that means that rink has been booked out for the day. (Hint: Try a different rink number)
  3.   If a Grey date appears click on the date you want and it will show you the times available for that rink.
  4.   Click on the time slot to book that rink.
  5.   Put your name in Bowler 1.  If you want to roll up by yourself leave Bowler 2 empty.
  6.   If you have a member you wish to roll up with insert in Bowler 2.
  7.   Complete email section.
  8.  Complete Mobile Section.
  9.   If you have read the T & C’s, click box.
  10.  Click on the submit button and the screen will refresh.
  11.   Scroll down the page to the Calendar.  Your name should be shown on the booked date.  You can hover your mouse pointer over your name to show the rink number you booked.

Booking Cancellation

To cancel a booking send an email to